Nas Abraham is a Multi-media Visual Artist based in London, England who has focused on creative exploration through the blending of visual techniques.

Through experimentation and a relentless drive to innovate, Nas studied a range of different visual disciplines, from animation, photography, videography, graphic design, illustration, creative/ art direction.

Nas' visual approach to content granted him opportunities to be seen by industry professionals and work for a variety of clients working mainly in the areas of fashion, footwear, lifestyle, tech and film.


After graduating from the London College of Fashion and earning a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Fashion Illustration, Nas underwent a number of self-initiated studies using a wide range of media.


In 2013, I was asked to join one of the UK's most popular style collectives; Individualism as a freelance illustrator, providing artwork to accompany written articles and illustrating editorials. I also Art Directed various branded editorials for the site.

2015- I was appointed the position of Creative Director for British menswear label: Garderobe. It was my responsibility to communicate a clear aesthetic and artistic direction to consumers.

2015- was also appointed as Art Director for independent magazine- Samson magazine, designing the overall layout of the magazine and the visual direction of the publication

2016- Resigned my post at Garderobe, Samson and Individualism to focus on my freelance career, and established the Multi-Media Visual Artist title for myself, focusing on social media content.

2016- I put together a small creative collective under the name of “Sense of Sync”, consisting of Hair Stylists, Stylists, Makeup Artists and Film Directors, unified under a similar creative vision. We were commissioned for a wide range of projects for different companies.

2018- After two years of being commissioned to produce experimental and dynamic social media assets, I was approached by leading talent agency- Streeters and brought on board as a Multi-Media Artist.

core beliefs

Throughout my career, I have amassed a track record of consistently successful projects and client satisfaction. I have come to understand that this is in part due to the core beliefs that I stick by as an Artist and as an individual providing a service. Having these core beliefs have resulted in a lot of repeat projects and retainers from clients.

Integrity is perhaps the most important constant in everything that I do, and this extends to my personal life as well. I pride myself on creating original content, delivering projects on time, being honest in my dialogue and of course providing work at the highest possible standard that I am able to achieve
Creativity is of course the foundation of my work, so experimentation and creative discovery is extremely important to me. Pushing myself creatively and challenging myself to deepen my understanding in my field is something that I hope my work communicates.
I believe very strongly in maintaining a high standard across every piece of artwork I create. If I am not personally happy with the work I have produced, I would rather stay in the studio overnight until it is up to scratch then deliver work I am proud of.
I spend a lot of my free time researching how to raise the quality of my assets, whether that’s camera hardware, retouching techniques or understanding the appropriate codecs to use so that my work is displayed properly across social media is very important.
I pride myself on having a high level of professionalism. I am constantly improving but I believe strongly in communicating a high degree of competency and trust, from first point of contact to the end of the project.



creative direction




graphic design


film/ video

I have a wide range of self taught skills that I have honed over the years and I have a deep passion for learning more skills that I can add to my arsenal. I am a big believer in showing a high level of proficiency and quality in all disciplines, rather than a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’.

As social media platforms developed, I found that the ability to produce visual content across different mediums was very beneficial as it allowed me to be placed in different positions and has kept me in high demand. My diverse skillset makes me a lot more cost effective for clients to bring me into a project, producing video content as well as photography.


I am represented by world renowned, leading global talent agency– Streeters as a Multi-Media Artist.

For any enquiries including pricing and bookings, please contact:

Sasha Respinger (London Office): sasha@streeters.com

Lloyd Scott Tyler (New York Office): lloydtyler@streeters.com


I am keeping a close eye on the shifts in the fashion and design industry, understanding the capabilities in social media apps, knowing their limitations and finding new ways to incorporate new visual techniques and media into my artwork. I will be experimenting with contemporary techniques such as CGI and augmented reality techniques this year, forever pushing to apply new technology creatively. I look forward to pushing visual boundaries!